Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I saw this sign the other day while having lunch in Jimmy Johns.  I'm going to set aside the part about honesty being morally right since I just lied to my daughter for weeks about a bunny breaking into our house last Saturday night to leave her clothes, a jumprope and chocolate.  :)

I did, however, think about how efficient honesty really is in my life.  When I am open and honest life feels so much easier.  Some people struggle with my honesty, finding me blunt and aggressive.  I have come to accept that those might be the consequences of me being honest and I'm okay with it.  As they say, "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."  I am fragile at times and can appreciate how it can be difficult to receive honest feedback.  However, I have enough sense of self-worth to know that my entire being and how I exist in this world is not based on what other people think of me.  And the ones that do love me, love me unconditionally, honesty and all.  So I always have support, from myself and from the people who love me.

I'm very curious why honesty is often received as mean, aggressive or inappropriate.  I know that it is also about how you say it and when.  But in general if you are doing it with sincerity and common curiosity, why does it have to be those negative things?

And isn't it just so much more efficient to be honest????  I think life is voluminously more simple and easy when I am honest.

What are your thoughts on honesty???

Saturday, April 4, 2015

So it begins

Lunch under the wisteria tree in New Orleans

I've decided to start writing again.  I have no clue what will be produced from post to post and so it begins.

Today I'll start with how I came up with my blog name.  I've always liked the way "musing" sounds as it rolls off the tongue.  The word means reflection or thought, but one definition of the root word "muse" is state of deep thought or dreamy abstraction.  I love the idea of dreamy abstraction; a dreamy preoccupation.  I do tend to be very introspective, preoccupied and often times that comes in the form of daydreaming.

The word "musings" was already ruminating in my head, but daydreamer had yet to come to me.  Recently I spent time in New Orleans where I was really drawn to the history of the city.  Part of that history is the combination of many different beliefs and schools of thought.  This melded into a vibrant culture of varying faiths and belief systems.  All of this piqued my interest in some of the little-practiced forms of making sense of the world.

Upon return one of my students (I work at a college) was talking about astrology.  I once had someone look into my "moon sign."  Most people know their sign or their "sun sign."  I am a taurus.  However, a vast majority of people do not know their moon sign.  After this conversation I looked up mine.  It turns out I was born under the moon sign of Pieces.  I read on multiple different websites about what this meant with the vast majority of what I read really ringing true for me.  Multiple sights mentioned daydreaming and it definitely seemed to fit.

Thus we have Musings of a Daydreamer.

I hope to continue to write more often, as a hobby and a creative outlet.  Visit as much as you like, comment when ever you feel the desire and anyone is welcome to follow the blog.

Off to do some daydreaming.  :)